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Zoo Vets: Elephant Aromas

Elephants are cool and adorable. When teaching about jobs you come across vets, and you can also speak about different animals, including elephants. This topic will add a warm and positive touch to your lesson.

Video script: 

My name is Suzan Murray and I’m a chief veterinarian at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. I like the way elephants smell, and apparently so do my children. I got home very late one night. And one of our technicians said: “You guys need to change your clothes because you smell like elephants. I didn’t really believe her. I never really smelled it. I got home and my children were asleep. It was about ten. And I was kissing them goodnight. And one of my five-year-olds Lynn woke up and said: “I smell elephants”. And I thought,” Well, one – my technician is right, and two – how lucky is my child that even in his sleep he knows what the elephant smells like”. So I think elephant’s might be my favorite smell.


chief – главный
late - поздно
to smell - пахнуть
a smell  - запах
to get home – приходить домой
technician - лаборант
to kiss somebody goodnight – поцеловать кого-либо перед сном
to wake up /woke up – просыпаться (проснулся)
thought (to think) – подумал (думать)

Correct the false sentences:
1)      Suzan isn’t a vet.
2)      Suzan doesn’t like elephants’ smell.
3)      Suzan works on a farm.
4)      Suzan has no children.

Answer the questions:
·         Why does Suzan think her children like elephant’s smell?

·         Why did Suzan’s technician ask her to change clothes?

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