четверг, 15 мая 2014 г.

What causes red eyes effect in photos?

One of my favorite web sites for advanced learning is Naked Scientists. Here is an audio about red eyes in photographs.

You can find lots of podcasts in this resource. And here is the link to the page with the tapescript:

Naked Scientists

понедельник, 14 апреля 2014 г.

Zoo Vets: Elephant Aromas

Elephants are cool and adorable. When teaching about jobs you come across vets, and you can also speak about different animals, including elephants. This topic will add a warm and positive touch to your lesson.

Video script: 

My name is Suzan Murray and I’m a chief veterinarian at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. I like the way elephants smell, and apparently so do my children. I got home very late one night. And one of our technicians said: “You guys need to change your clothes because you smell like elephants. I didn’t really believe her. I never really smelled it. I got home and my children were asleep. It was about ten. And I was kissing them goodnight. And one of my five-year-olds Lynn woke up and said: “I smell elephants”. And I thought,” Well, one – my technician is right, and two – how lucky is my child that even in his sleep he knows what the elephant smells like”. So I think elephant’s might be my favorite smell.


chief – главный
late - поздно
to smell - пахнуть
a smell  - запах
to get home – приходить домой
technician - лаборант
to kiss somebody goodnight – поцеловать кого-либо перед сном
to wake up /woke up – просыпаться (проснулся)
thought (to think) – подумал (думать)

Correct the false sentences:
1)      Suzan isn’t a vet.
2)      Suzan doesn’t like elephants’ smell.
3)      Suzan works on a farm.
4)      Suzan has no children.

Answer the questions:
·         Why does Suzan think her children like elephant’s smell?

·         Why did Suzan’s technician ask her to change clothes?