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Teaching about school uniform and clothes

Just found this nice video on youtube. It's a great way to teach about school uniform to the beginners. You may start with just showing the beginning of video and ask your students to guess what it is about. Then you may wonder who that girl is. A British student? An American student? A young model? How old is she? Do they actually wear a school uniform in their school?

Just keep on watching, making stops after every day of the week and the little show of the clothes for that day. By the way, it's a nice way to recall days of the week and a popular holiday - Valentine's Day.
Draw attention to the clothes she is wearing. This may be in the form of special or general questions. What does she wear on Monday? Does she wear a cardigan? Or even tag questions, if you need to train those. She wears pants, doesn't she?
When you are done with every day of the week, you may ask about your students' school uniform, if there is any.
You may give a special task where they have to recall the outfit and match it with the day of the week. Matching can be also a listening task that they would do while watching the video. It may look like this:



grey shirt, net sweater, pants, hairpin, natural make-up

black cardigan, light blue shirt, pants, hair in waves, moccasins

pink accents, lacy style, basic polo, hairpin, red and gold, H&M necklace, clips

basic polo, longer navy blue cardigan, straight hair

cardigan, pony-tail, scarf

Finally, you may ask them to make a story about Sasha's outfit during the week.
Example: On Monday, Sasha wore a black cardigan, a light blue shirt, pants, moccasins and had her hair in waves. On Tuesday, ... 

Vocabulary: Valentine's Day, to wear, to put effort, school uniform, outfit, cardigan, pants, belt, polo, pony-tail, moccasins, shirt, sweater, hair, necklace, hairpin, net, prep school, on a regular basis, cute, tuck the edges, prep year, regular, in waves, wake up late, stain, make up, comfy, basic, to add (pink) accents, thank God, nice, multiple pairs, scarf.

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