воскресенье, 22 сентября 2013 г.

Where do they live?

To be taught this video, students are supposed to be familiar with the questions What's this? Where? or you may explain what this means. Also it is good to stop at the sentence "She lives in Moscow" and pay attention to the ending s as this is what many students forget about at the beginning. You may also explain the question "What's the weather like ...?" and train it later as a small talk at the beginning of each lesson. The weather changes every day, doesn't it? The video is composed of two parts. In part one, students may just first watch the video and you can make stops where necessary to explain things. You can play part 1 again asking students to repeat after the speaker. You may also want to make them write down names of the cities, countries in their dictionary. In the second part students are supposed to answer questions. Finally, you may ask each student "Where do you live?" and get the answer. Then ask "What's the weather like in your city?" and get the answer. 

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